Paddling again in Upernavik July 24 2011 Kayak paddle

Gail Ferris

Sunday 7 24 2011

I took an interesting photo from my tent of how the ice has moved in since 3:30 to 7:58.  The view is very misty in the distance like a Japanese wood cut hot summer view few boats on the water so far brilliant sunlight.

I do not know what lies ahead that maybe so beautiful I awoke at 3:30 I took photos and the time on the camera is two hours before eastern daylight time that these cameras are set at.

I am glad that my Garmin CSX76 GPS shows a map with this exact island, Simiataq, as my location.

As usual I am glad I brought my sewing kit as I needed to extract a sea urchin spine from my finger.

The Barometric pressure is running 1 hg in 24 hours calm

I saw a family fishing for cod in a small trawler everyone is having such fun.

I hear the water that is flowing from an iceberg grounded on the east side of this island, Simiataq.


The tent is holding all my equipment within its long rectangular floor.  This is a very efficient shape because things do not get lost as they used to in my eight-sided floorless tent.

I took a photo of a collected assemblage of rocks to show these mainly potassium feldspathic minerals and their colors of red iron a piece of black rock probably diabase, some biotite and hornblende. 

2011 07 24 1248 (1448)588.jpg


The hematite layered cliffs with a wide band of white feldspar on the right and other evidence of fault lines, intrusions and metamorphism of sediments on the island a mile away to the south.  Supposedly there is a deposit of zinc on this island possibly in the white banded strata either on the left or the right.


2011 07 24 1248 (1448)589.jpg

wind starting to show up and the red hematite mineral striations across the way to the south on Quersorssuaq Island


2011 07 24 1249 (1449)590.jpg

A close up of these hematite and white feldspar bands

On the east end of Quersorssuaq Island, the red hematite with white feldspar and possibly zinc mineral bands a mile away to the south


I saw four butterflies this is very unusual to see so many butterflies in one place.

There is a good variety of flowers on this east side of this island, Simiataq.

The size and especially the height of the plants growing here on this island indicate that the winds blow so strongly over the ground they are forced to grow only with in the protection of the rocks with some such as the birch you see in the photo below being able to spread out over the rocks.

These waves are relaxing to hear but there is a good wind out farther with whitecaps developing south of here. 

I am glad that I happened to put my tent where it is.