Paddling in Upernavik again July 25 2011 Kayak paddling

Gail Ferris


Over night I found that the waves were relaxing to hear.  They are created by a good wind out farther and I can see that the wind has developed with whitecaps to the south

I am glad that I happened to put my tent where it is on the east side of this land protected from the wind that comes from the west.

The size height of plants indicate winds blow here forcing them to grow spread out low hugging rocks.

There is clear blue light in the sky above.  I am up at 6:30 ate breakfast and I heard something maybe a whale just outside breathing long breaths three times in rhythm going by.

I looked at the barometer it has climbed 3 steps in 2 to 3 hours to 29.90mHg in 24 hours very mild assorted high clouds showing a mix of stratus and cumulus spread out. 

Sunny quiet morning.

Thinking about “the dark side” of life is as you make it!

Surface of the water is showing red fatty particles maybe some sort of fatty material, spawn or something from the Sea Butterflies that are Pteropods which feed on the bottom of the icebergs nearby?

9:50 I took some nice photos and videos of barnacles busily fanning the water for food.


2011 07 25 0658 (0858) Angmaussaarssuaq island.jpg++

looking toward Aappilattoq look at the shape of the rock in the foreground it is a layered rounded shape formed by metamorphosis of marine sediments, something commonly found in this area of Upernavik which in places is very handy because it forms nice ramps to bring my kayak up on and drag up above the tide line with rollers.  My kayak is too heavy for me to lift.



2011 07 25 0658 (0858) tent islands north.jpg++

view of islands in the north



2011 07 25 0700 (0900) looking north east.jpg

the ice off the island with the rock in foreground morning 9 am looking toward Aappilattoq some wind and waves showing




2011 07 25 0711 (0911)591.jpg++

On Simiataq there is glaciated rock in foreground granitic batholith with kayak on rocks below and some waves coming in from the iceberg breaking up. That position worked out to be too close to the water for the kayak.  Note clouds showing overhead coming from the west.

My Long Haul kayak deck always leaks through the stitching along the top of the gunwales as the water drips after running down paddle shaft.  This material Sunbrella can only be sealed by welding it not with stitching.

I need make my paddle shaft more hydrophobic by waxing the shaft.

Paddling a kayak without a drysuit in this water you are a goner instantly.


2011 07 25 0712 (0912)592.jpg ++

looking toward Aappilattoq taken from Simiataq


Some wind is showing in the morning but by 12:00 noon, it is dead calm bright sun very low tide wind is blowing from west bright sun at 13:18 barometer is at 29.75mHg.



2011 07 25 0747 (0947)593.jpg++

On Simiataq this is the bottom just aside from my tent showing filamentous seaweeds with Fucus knotted wrack and soft sour seaweeds and acorn rough barnacles in foreground note rock is orange colored granite due to the limonite iron content




2011 07 25 0748 (0948)594 reduced.jpg++

this is the same photo as above but enlarged so that you can see the barnacles actively feeding and the particulate matter in the water.  This is one of those situations when my camera is photographing what my eye cannot see until I enlarge the photo.



2011 07 25 0748 (0948)594.jpg


I took photos and videos of the waves and scenes.  There is hardly any wind. 


2011 07 25 2009 (2209)128.jpg++

On the east end of Quersorssuaq Island taken from Simiataq looking south some mixed clouds above.