Paddling again in Upernavik July 26 2011 Travel Notes

Gail Ferris


7 26 2011 Tuesday still another hot day barometer is still at 29.90 for 10 hours.  I am reading again inside my tent because this area is now just such a wonderful paradise for mosquitoes.  I am hiding from the mosquitoes.

Wind is up to 5 to 8 knots and barometer is at 29.90 still sunny nice light.

I went out and took several mineral photos just because the colors and appearance of these rocks is so much fun to find lurking in the soil and in the outcrops along with the wonderful array of glacial erratics distributed randomly in some of the oddest places. 



2011 07 26 0747 (0947)595.jpg++

brilliant white mineral feldspar or may be zinc



2011 07 26 0748 (0948)596.jpg++

filamentous freshwater algae indicating high phosphate and other soil nutrients level being readily utilized in these very warm, sunny conditions.  The alga is very actively photosynthesizing generating the large oxygen bubbles in this photo and in the photo below.


2011 07 26 1400 (1600)597.jpg++

active photosynthesis oxygen being given off by algae in the bright sunlight



2011 07 26 1406 (1606))598.jpg

very interesting examples of warm water fluid infused mineralization of greywacke and conglomerates mineral assemblages



2011 07 26 1412 (1612)599.jpg

bright pink feldspar, mica, hornblende mineral assemblage



2011 07 26 1413 (1613)600.jpg

some iron sedimentary deposit