Paddling again in Upernavik July 29 2011 Kayak Travel Notes

Gail Ferris


7/29/11 04:23am I notice that there is a creepy wind out of the southwest weird constant grey.08:30 am ate breakfast

Would like to visit Alaska churches someday in Juneau St. Innocent cathedral etc.

Water is still flowing wonder if it is a spring? Too active to be just snow run off.

To keep warm in my tent I am wearing my black hood with a silk scarf liner. I am glad I brought my grown quilted underwear.

It is cool and breezy from the southeast better new polyester bamboo socks are working out very well.

Food is holding out wise to brush after eating I happened to contaminate a bag of food by carelessly letting it spill onto the ground so there are rocks in it which makes eating it problematic hate to ruin a tooth this way!

I am diligently rereading sections of the bible especially St. Paulís letter to the Hebrews which I find very inspiring.

I am wearing my Campmor Black hood with a silk scarf lining it at night and I am glad that I brought my ancient brown quilted underwear.

Now it is cool and breezy from the southeast.Glad I am not in Upernavik because there is probably a nasty storm there.

I washed with fresh water so now I smell better.New Polyester socks are fine they dry very easily.

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I put on my walking shoes and stepped into the water they are still dry inside which makes them a good purchase.I also had bought six pair bamboo polyester black socks for this trip.They are thin but warm and most importantly they dry quickly.

The Barometric pressure is 29.90 last hour with east wind at 10 knots dropped from 12 hours earlier.Six inch waves clear across the water.

Kayak left or port side sponsom slow leak have to refill after tacking apart back under the cockpit.

There is some rain at 10:30am.The effect of the mountain on marine weather shows in Upernavik and Aappilattoq.My island is a border between the two places.

At 13:15 wind and rain the tent is still fine rain and wind at 15:30 BP at 29.90.

15:20 BP is at 29.90 still raining waves coming from the east.

18:30 rain has quit and BP is at 29.90

I am reading St. Paulís letter to the Hebrews

Who knows I have a foreboding feeling about this rain there is no wind just mist.At 19:30 rain again I checked the waves to see how large they were and how far they were coming up the rocks where my kayak is.

They are okey but I do see scud is blowing in.

I decided not to take any chances.At 22:00 I tied the tent off to big rocks was about to be blown with me inside into the water typical nasty Upernavik wind storm same BP 29.90 long way to wind there are nasty clouds rushing overhead with blue sky and high cumulus the wind downdrafts are so violent the water is spraying up among the white caps.

Inside the tent I have hung myself outside holding the frame from being blown to destruction.

I finally resorted to save the tent frame from being bent by the wind turning it into a pretzel I flattened it toward the wind ballasting it with food and tater bags tied it off to the rock on the single rope.

Then I went out pulled the kayak up on the wine bag rollers out of harms way as the large waves were menacing it just about up to it.They would have destroyed it or I would have lost it as it washed full of water out to sea.The violence of the wind on the water was unimaginable just impossible wind like a mini hurricane.

I pulled the kayak up to the front door of the tent to provide wind protection then I tied the tent off to another large rock and the bow and stern of the kayak off to the rock.I was so exposed and close to the water just the right conditions could have blasted me into the water.There were very high winds causing the waves to actually be spurting.Luckily the tent was okey but the wind did bend a part of the rainfly strut into a curve and the X was bent slightly.I rolled myself inside the tent and was able to hold it down in fear of the wind to reduce its exposure to the wind until it was flattened the tent until I had just afoot of headspace only.It was frightening just such a tiny space for me to hide in.


I had trouble standing in the wind when I had gone out to get the kayak and even now hours later I still had trouble standing in the wind.Sleep was impossible I just hung onto the tent by my right arm.Clipping the food onto the lines and tent really helped keep the tent between the gusts.Glad those food bags have Nylux clips and the water bags had thick nylon web handles. Water got inside the tent the two space blankets.I used the pack towels to sop up the wager I am glad I have three of them.Bent

I enjoy St. John.