Paddling again in Upernavik July 30 2011 Kayak Travel Notes

Gail Ferris


The sun is out at 10am.I took photos of the clouds and one video.



2011 07 30 0802 (1002)623

does not look good!



2011 07 30 0803 (1003)624


The tent I brought back up to normal height although there were occasional gusts you can see in the photo above.

I kept it ballasted I never moved all night and was thinking that I should have put the kayak in front of the tent to reduce the windage sooner because the maximum area for windage is on the side the door opens.

I tied the crossed aluminum frame struts one to a rock and the other to another rock separated by an angle of about 30 to 45 degrees because the rocks just happened to be separated by that much.I used my fifty foot poly throw lines Ė glad I have them.The tent is waterproof through out glad because it sure took a constant pummeling.



2011 07 30 0804 (1004)625


Now it is warm sunny and I am drying out my sleeping bag in the sun by draping it over the ropes.



2011 07 30 0827 (1027)nasty clouds from tent


Saturday, glad I brought instant coffee mixed with carob and slippery elm powder.First thing I have in the morning, I just mix it with water.

The food I brought is working just fine.I am glad for eggs and milk powder, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, oatmeal, gogi bits with raisins, unsweetened carob chips.This combination gives me a good balanced feeling.

I am not cooking anything.





I am so glad that the storm is over.Now there is just a few gusts of wind blowing at 11:00 am.

My Campmor hood polyester with a nylon binding, bivi bag of waterproof material in red from REI is now many years old it is starting to fall apart around the hood area the Gore-Tex where it is glued to nylon fabric is fragmenting.

At 12 noon there is more weather arriving! Some gusts are straining the tent again with rain.It is the same kind of storm.I brought the boat up on the wine bag rollers which worked out perfectly yesterday because they can be used as protective a cradle to keep the boat from rocking in the wind and abrading on the rocks it is sitting on as the boat rocks side to side in the wind.


I nearly lost my precious whitewater paddle.I happened to have taken it out of the cockpit put it on the deck of my kayak.In an instant the wind grabbed and blew it over the rocks just to the side but luckily it lost lift and dropped over the side sliding down the almost rocks just coming to a its tip sliding down to the tidal edge of focus seaweed before it slid into the debths of the icy water.

Atop the rocks I was just able to kneel down and grab it by its upper blade off the rock.Wow one of my worst fears almost became a reality that was close.I knew I was helpless.All I could do was just watch it hurtle into space but I also knew by the way it was moving through the air that it did not have enough momentum to stay aloft.I watched it hover over the edge of the rock and suddenly loose lift.Then it plummeted to the ground with a resounding crash.It made that all too familiar crashing sound that only a heavy fiberglass paddle can make.

I tied the boat off on high ground and tied the tent down better one line to the kayak to reduce the lifting effect of the wind on the tent.

I saw those same familiar wind indicators on the water, catís paws with some light rain Catís paws can indicate strong wind but how strong was the question?

I decided that I had better ready my tent for another storm and rain.I moved space blankets so that their edges did not project beyond the foot print of the tent.I did not want them to guide water beneath the tent as they did in the last rainstorm causing me to become wet when the water ran in through the door zipper.

I suspected the weather was clearing wind was still blowing with clouds to the south.

At 20:00 the barometric pressure was at 3020 morning was 3010 high overcast shifted out to blue clear skies.

At 18:00 I noticed that there happened to be not just an iceberg but this time it was a huge iceberg that had originated in the icefjord to the east, grounded out nearby.Looking at this gigantic berg I felt that it was a little too close for comfort.