Building the Avery Point Dory

 at Avery Point, Groton Connecticut

John Gardner chapter

Traditional Small Craft Association

Photos and text by

Gail Ferris

2004 rewritten 2011




02 SCARF cutting 1 to 12 scarf with jig


03 SCARF anchoring epoxy joined scarf


04 RIB in preparation


05 RIB application of epoxy to rib


06 RIB adding screws to epoxied rib


07 RIB Screwing together rib sections


08 RIB cutting arch in rib


09 RIB bandsaw trimming rib edge


10 RIB - Routing rib edge




12 TRANSOM fitting reinforcements


13 TRANSOM transom side bottom view


14 TRANSOM transom routing inner edge


15 TRANSOM tombstone transom full view


16 CHINE sawing edge of chine


17 CHINE evening off the chine


18 CHINE Applying glass cloth & epoxy


19 CHINE epoxying fiberglass cloth to chine


20 SEAT measuring for the seat


21 STERN SEAT trimming seat edge


22 OVERVIEW Avery Point dory facing bow interior


23 OVERVIEW Stern interior


24 OVERVIEW chine untrimmed


25 GUNWALE bending on the gunwale


26 OAR LOCKS Installing oar locks


27 OAR LEATHER beginning to lace oar leather


28 OAR LEATHER finishing lacing oar leather