Kullorsuaq Everyday Views 1995

Gail Ferris



I arrived in Kullorsuaq via coastal ferry, Arctic Royal Line, from Upernavik in July 1995 to see this town where the kayak is used for hunting narwhal whales.



000 An aerial view of some of the houses in Kullorsuaq after a September snow note the variety of designs, life is very crowded in this town.Not the house in plywood under construction, houses come into town on coastal freighter once a year as piles of boards and building instructions.All the boards, the entire house is carried to the building site on peopleís backs.There are no roads here, just walkways and footpaths.



001 The ferry, Angaju Ittuk, from Upernavik at the last stop north, Kullorsuaq moored to the town pier being unloaded, local boats in the background 16 foot yawls with outboards and the fish processing factory behind



002 Colon Archer boat from Norway on their way north into Melville Bay view from the town dock area




003 Colon Archer boat view of hull photo taken in Denmark



004 the Jensens have just arrived note the color archer boat resting on the stone slab beach




005 Beluga whale tied alongside the Jensenís motorboat successful hunting in Melville Bay area



006 Jensens going out hunting



007 whale hunters with kayak across bow and motorboat in tow only narwhal can be hunted via kayak



008 kids having fun with their homemade boats in front of town



009 a few sealskins drying and a kayak frame last used in the 1960ís



010 outdoor cooking hearth left from last holiday



011 Adolf Jensen boat that takes x-rays of tubercular lungs resulting from poor and overcrowded living conditions for many past years in this area



012 late September whale hunting season unloading all the boats both large commercial boats and small motorboats of whale skin / mattaq.



012 slabs of narwhal and beluga mattaq being unloaded from boats to be piled in boxes and slid up to the factory on the dogsledge/komatiq.Important source of income for these people



013 boxes of mattak being brought to the factory to be stored for distribution throughout Greenland



014 Sven Nielsen in his seal fur jacket and polar bear pants made by his wife.He is going seal hunting.He has lived here many years as a school teacher and has a large family.



015 Nathanial Jensen getting the dogsled ready; note the polyethylene plastic runners.These are just the best.They slide with no preparation over the snow and ice.In prior times dogsled runners had to be coated with mud then coated with water that froze to ice.These plastic runners are always slippery making the sled easy to move even when heavily loaded with fish.Sleds go out over the ice taking fishing long line equipment and come back loaded with Halibut starting in January when the ice is thick enough.



016 all the water up until late 1995 was brought by boat from an island water fall four miles away.This boat is making its last trip before there is too much ice on the water.When the boat cannot cross to the island for water ice is gathered along the shore and brought to homes for water.Having to live with such small quantity of available water makes life much more complex and not so clean.I used the same water for bathing then again boiled up for washing dishes or the floor.



017 Ice is starting to cause problems at the pier.The ferry is moored off the town and unloaded by small boat.This is late October light.



018 this is one of the last runs for the year of the ferry.The ferry stopped running in late November when it was dark most of the day.


These photos were taken in 1995 while I lived in Kullorsuaq Greenland.