Kullorsuaq ferry ride from Upernavik 1995

views from south to north

with special views of bird colony areas

Gail Ferris





about 25 miles north of Upernavik on the way to Kullorsuaq off Tasiussaq red & black hematite islands



001 Kullorsuaq Uummanaq Island in full view from the ferry



002 Kullorsuaq Uumanaq Island bird area the northwest side of the peak basalt



004 Kullorsuaq bird colony close up under



005 Kullorsuaq bird colony near Tasiussaq area



006 Kullorsuaq Awks & Gull colony Tasiussaq area



007 Kullorsuaq Guillemots escaping in the water



the Devils Thumb Kullorsuaq is famous for viewed from top of town photo taken facing east



009 Kullorsuaq ferry Angaju Ittuk moored to the dock unloading



010 Kullorsuaq Angaju Ittuk anchored off dock Oct6x72