Patterns of Snow in Kullorsuaq 1995

Gail Ferris  



000 Kullorsuaq grass wind snow



001 Kullorsuaq grass and lichens in snow



002 Kullorsuaq Salix reticulata Arctic willow tree in snow



003 Kullorsuaq Polygonium viviparum in snow



004 Kullorsuaq Melandrium affine in snow



005 Kullorsuaq wind snow pattern granite boulder



006 Kullorsuaq wind blowing up a steep hillside snow patterns




007 Kullorsuaq soft snow shapes formed by the wind



008 Kullorsuaq wind snow patterns around a rock on a hillside



009 Kullorsuaq granite passage in snow w Melville Bay



010 Kullorsuaq January light view north of town on Melville Bay bergs trapped in the ice