Upernavik Greenland March 1996 Winter Light Photos – Gail Ferris



These photos were taken in March 1996 when all was in snow.  The sun had just risen above the horizon in early February.


Ice haze over sea from Upernavik looking north

Upernavik all the icebergs are frozen in looking west

Along north side of Sanderson’s Hope haze hanging in the air view of Umiaq Mtn.

Sanderson’s Hope 1042 meter high mountain near Upernavik via helicopter

Looking out from helicopter over Upernavik

Pink light over the ice

A man on the ice near Upernavik

Approaching entrance to Sortehul/Akornat via helicopter

Sortehul/Akornat via helicopter

backside of Laksefjord / Eqaluarsiut

Entrance to Eqaluarsuit / Laksefjorden

Past Prøven / Kangersuatsiaq

Low flat island off Kangersuatsiaq

Svarten Huq area south of Søndre Upernavik / Kjalleq Upernavik area

Sedimentary layers on the way to Uummanaq

typical glaciated valley on the way

to Uummanaq

Upernavik sunset instant over ice